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Whether you are looking for a fun activity at the end of term, a way of bringing a theme to life or just something with an extra wow factor we can help.

We have run many, many classes in schools across the UK for every age range between reception and 6th Form. We have taught after school groups, a series of short sessions so that the whole school could have a go and whole day and even whole week classes to small groups. In fact Nigel (one of our tutors) was employed for a school in Northamptonshire for a term to teach circus skills (and also maths).

Whilst we can run general circus sessions with ease, we also enjoy a challenge. So if you think outside the box, we can help deliver. E.g. one primary school with a term theme of Giants asked us to do a morning session with a stilt walker reading 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson, in assembly. After this we ran a stilts workshop for all of that year group, where they used hand stilts and strap-on stilts as well as the much more normal bucket stilts. Another school had their Y6 students studying 'Man on Wire' and asked us to come in and teach the pupils how to walk on a tightrope. We've also taught a lesson on forces using circus skills.

Schools use us in many different ways. We have taught every 2 years at a school in Bedford, doing a whole day class for their 6th Form drama students. Whereas another school also in Bedford uses us every year for their school fete to run a drop-in workshop. 

Below are some quotes from the students from a Milton Keynes school:

LC: It was really good! I would highly recommend it. Our skills were good to begin with but amazing by the end! 

TH: I really enjoyed our circus time today because we got to learn so many circus skills. Our circus teachers were really kind and helpful. I got to do things that I've never been able to do before! It was better than great- it was outstanding! 

AP: Today's circus workshop was great; at the end we had an option of what we would like to do. I chose to try the stilts- they were really fun but a little challenging near the end because I was running out of energy! I loved the look of the spinning plates.